January 30, 2008

Late Night Eating

I have class until 8:10 on Tuesday nights, no real opportunity to eat dinner beforehand, so I stopped at Arby's for a roast beef sandwich last night. I need to get to the grocery store for some cooking basics or quick microwavable meals to make dinners when I get home on my later nights, but it has been too cold to go anywhere not required! When I got home my roommate was watching House on TV so watched 20 minutes of that. I wasn't really paying attention to the programming, as I was very hungry and not that interested in a repeat of the its Christmas episode. $4.20

January 29, 2008

Cold again

This morning I watched about 20 minutes of news from Fox 9 while eating my breakfast of granola and yogurt. I bought the granola from one of my favorite cafes, Trotters, and I am trying plan, non-fruity yogurt for the first time. I watched Fox 9 because I wanted to know about the weather for the week, and I know that they always have weather on the 9s.

I spent a few minutes on Craig's List looking at apartments. Erik and one of his roommates are looking for a new place since their other roomie is leaving, and there is a possibility that he and I will just stay in that place after we get married; therefore, I have some say in the places they are looking at.