January 31, 2008

Movie Night In

During my class last night we watched a short movie from TED about fractals. The class is Design Factors of Human Perception, and our professor is trying to get us to think outside our usual design strategies. The movie lasted about 15 minutes, but I was restless from the uncomfortable chairs in the auditorium and my mind was elsewhere. I had a bad experience with fractals once in high school too, so I was not all that focused on the movie.

Last night after class I dove into some chicken almond ding that Erik had ordered. I was hungry and it was filling, but I don't remember much more about it. Sometimes when I am really hungry I don't really think about the food I'm eating - I just eat. We also watched Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train off of the Net Flicks website. Erik has a subscription to Net Flicks and can watch movies off of their website as part of the deal. They have a limited selection of movies on their website, but we have managed to find a few good ones that we haven't seen yet. The movie was entertaining as most of Hitchcock's movies are. I am especially a fan of the dramatic screaming scenes where there is a close up of the frightened woman's face.

January 30, 2008

Staying warm and working hard

My consumption level has been relatively low today. I do not have class until 6 tonight, and I am not leaving the confines of my warm apartment until I absolutely have to. I have parked myself in my dining room, as it is the warmest room in the apartment, and I am doing some hardcore school work. I have taken a few breaks to watch a few shows on the Food Network, mostly because I needed some time away from school. There was an interesting show on earlier today about cheeses in Scotland, and Everday Italian is featuring some "light" meals right now. I spent a few minutes here and there on the internet looking at my email account and the AIGA Minnesota website. I checked a few dates of upcoming AIGA events and sent a few emails. I am also making a lot of headway in the Introducing Postmodernism book, which I would consider consumption. I have spent about 2.5 hours reading the book today and wondering how much of information I will really retain. Sometimes I wonder where all of this information is coming from!