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Rise and Shine

This morning on the way to class I stopped at the Gopher Express for a Clif bar (peanut butter, chocolate chip) and some OJ. I was hesitant to buy the Clif bar for two reasons: 1. I ate way too many of them last fall on my camping trip in Yellowstone 2. $1.79 seems like a lot of money for a health bar. However, after I purchased my goods and realized that I had only spent $3.51 on breakfast, I was pretty thrilled. I realized that 2 dollars it not a lot to spend on something that will fill me up for a long time and has a lot of good nutrients in it. Looking back is was probably a better decision that the bagel and cream cheese I was eyeing beforehand.

In Sr. Seminar we watched a clip from a video on UTube, and I have done some emailing too.