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Searching for New Zealand

I have just spent the past 2 hours searching the internet for information about New Zealand. We are supposed to be "getting to know" our country, city, or state for Graphic Design 4, and with any luck by the time I am done with this project I will be a Kiwi at heart. I have sadly become dependent and acceptant of Wikipedia as a valid informational source. I also explored www.newzealand.com, which obviously has lots of good tourist information. One thing that I found to a surprisingly good source for images is Facebook (I suppose it's time to admit that Facebook has done a few good things for me). There is a New Zealand group, where people have posted tons of images. I also spent quite a bit of time browsing my so-to-be brother-in-law's profile page where he has posted a lot of photos from his semester abroad there. He and my sister will both be excellent sources for the project.

And, I am drinking a coke right now. If there was ever a semester that could addict me to caffeine, it will be this one!