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Splurge for cooking

Last night my sweetie and I made a trip to Kowlaski's and South Lyndale Liquors to collect some necessities for dinner. We made chicken marsala with a twist, which included a few ingredients we did not have on hand. I am usually a fairly thrifty shopper, but as we continue to cook and continue to get better at it, we have decided that fresh, quality ingredients are something that it worth spending the money on.

At Kowlaski's: focaccia bread, a pint of yogurt, mascarpone cheese, onion, garlic, chicken breasts, bananas (not for the marsala), cremini mushrooms, and dark chocolate gelatto (let's just say I needed it!). $32.44

At South Lyndale Liquors: one bottle of dry marsala wine and a bottle of Malbec from Argentina. I have found that marsala is much too sweet, so we had to buy the Malbec to drink with the meal. $16.22

Surprisingly enough the rest of the night was not filled with the usual TV show or movie, but rather we ended up in an extended political debate. I also was able to collect a fair amount of garbage in the cooking aftermath!