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Staying warm and working hard

My consumption level has been relatively low today. I do not have class until 6 tonight, and I am not leaving the confines of my warm apartment until I absolutely have to. I have parked myself in my dining room, as it is the warmest room in the apartment, and I am doing some hardcore school work. I have taken a few breaks to watch a few shows on the Food Network, mostly because I needed some time away from school. There was an interesting show on earlier today about cheeses in Scotland, and Everday Italian is featuring some "light" meals right now. I spent a few minutes here and there on the internet looking at my email account and the AIGA Minnesota website. I checked a few dates of upcoming AIGA events and sent a few emails. I am also making a lot of headway in the Introducing Postmodernism book, which I would consider consumption. I have spent about 2.5 hours reading the book today and wondering how much of information I will really retain. Sometimes I wonder where all of this information is coming from!