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February 28, 2008

well executed Wednesday

I achieved a tremendous amount in terms of working on projects today. This of course, translated into little consumption for most of the day. I took a break from my work at about 10:30am for a brunch of homemade pancakes, and watched about 20 minutes of Easy Entertaining with Michael Cirallo on the Food Network. He was having a polenta party and decided to just plop it all on some cutting boards in front of his guests and not use any plates. Although I found this idea completely inapplicable to my dinner party aspirations, I still wanted to see how his party would play out.

I headed back to working on projects after the show ended, and followed that with evening class. After class I headed over the Erik's and watched most of the Gopher Men's Basketball game against Purdue. It was a rough game to watch, as we were picked apart by Purdue's guard play and made no attempt to capitalize on size advantage on the offensive end. I still haven't decided how I feel about the games being shown on the Big Ten Network. It's nice that more games are available to watch, but it's crappy if you don't have the channel at your place (which is my situation - hence the need to watch at Erik's). I remember the good old days, which are not so old, when all of the U of M games were shown of FSN.

February 27, 2008

All the necessities, and then a little fun

Tuesday started out with another disappointing trip to printing services. I needed to reprint a portfolio piece, so that I could have a copy with better craftsmanship. I was disappointed to find that somehow in the mix one of my images became pixelated, and I spent time and money printing garbage. This is a frustrating experience, especially as portfolio pressure is building. $3.20

I quickly ran into the Gopher Spot after printing to stock up on food supplies for the rest of afternoon. It was about 9:30, and I knew I wouldn't have another opportunity to purchase food until 8:30pm or later. I bought a chicken with dried cherries Original Tomato foccaccia sandwich and a peanut butter chocolate chip Clif bar. This would be enough for lunch and evening snack, and none of it was awful for me healthwise. $5.67

I spent the rest of the morning earnestly working in the computer lab, with my eyes glued to Illustrator files. The same was true that afternoon for an hour between classes.

After classes I went to the Old Chicago in the Har Mar Hall with some friends from class. It has been a long but productive day, and I wanted to relax and let myself unwind from the day. I started out with a pint of Fat Tire on draft, which quickly calmed me. Fat Tire is one of my favorite beers, and I am especially pleased that they have started to serve it on draft and not just in the bottle. Their bottles are way too big for me, especially to drink before it starts getting warm - and who can stand the taste of warm beer! For dinner I ordered the pepperoni pizza rolls, which are one of my favorites at Old Chicago. I was in the mood for pizza, but we were ordering individually. This was the most cost effective way to satisfy my pizza craving. $16.30

February 25, 2008

Another Monday of Isolation

Monday, Feb. 25

I spent about on hour online this morning/afternoon researching information on ziggurats built in the Fertile Crescent for a Travels in Typography assignment. I met my partner for the project at school, and we quickly designed an information map on the subject. The assignment is due Friday, but neither of us have the time or will to make it a priority. We were both looking to get the project done and over with, so we could think about other design projects. After it was finished we took the files over to printing services ($5.31) and bought some supplies for putting it together at the bookstore ($10.74).

Upon arriving back at my apartment, I indulged myself in 30 minutes of the Food Network while I ate lunch. Then I was back to work with design projects, and have been ever since.

Cake, Whities, Oscars

Sunday, Feb. 24
Finally, I got to eat my cake, and it was amazing! Erik’s mom came over and we had cake and coffee (no coffee for me – too strong). Afterwards I watched the second half of the Gopher Men’s basketball game on the Big Ten Network. We beat Penn State, but almost lost in the last 2 minutes. It would have been an embarrassing loss for a number of reasons, and I did my fair share of shouting at the T.V. After the game I went over to my parents’ house to bring them some of our cake. I stayed for a while and played Wii with Erik, my sister, and my mom. I am finally a professional bowler! Wow, what an accomplishment – still, I was excited!

The evening I had one of the most delicious yet disgusting dinners ever – White Castle. It would be deadly to eat from there more than once every 6 months, but sometimes you just get the craving. Their food is SO bad for you, it makes McDonald’s seem healthy. Yet, I cannot resist from time to time. $7.92 for two people.

After my attempt to clog all of my arteries, I enjoyed a few hours of watching the Oscar’s. I realized that I have not seen many of the films that were nominated, which is somewhat unusual for me. I have concluded that I need to see No Country for Old Men, which I have been wanting to get to but just haven’t done it. I was very excited to see Once win for best song!

Chocolate Wedlock In Action

Saturday Feb. 23

Consumption was at a minimum for most of the day, since I was baking from 8am until 4:30pm. The cake turned out amazing, but I was starving! I met a couple of friends and my family at the Buca Di Beppo in St. Paul for dinner and pigged out. I had not eaten since before starting the cake and was in need of some serious calories! My parents kindly picked up the tab, so I am not sure what the cost was, but I’m sure it was high. We had a lot of food and gelato to boot (chocolate of course). We were in the establishment for about 1.5 hours enjoying good company and good food!

After diner my friends and I headed back to my apartment, where we played a Saved By The Bell board game from the 1980s (I am somewhat embarrassed to admit this, but I did consume – willingly) and Wheel of Fortune while drinking a bottle of Zeitgeist wine, given to me as a gift. It was an odd combination of entertainment to say the least, but it’s what we girls do from time to time when we get together. It was just really nice to spend a nice with my girl friends, and actually have a social life. Fun is not always a priority these days, with graduation fast approaching.

February 23, 2008

Chocolate Wedlock Preparation

Friday, Feb. 22
After my morning class I headed to Anchor Paper Express and Office Depot for design supplies. I am redesigning the stationery for one of my projects, so that I can be proud of its presence in my portfolio. I wandered around the store for probably 30 minutes, and finally decided on some recycled paper and envelopes. I took so little that I was only charged for my one envelope! $0.85

My stop to the Office Depot off of University of St. Paul was relatively short. I needed some Prong Fasteners to bind my portfolio book, and I knew exactly what I needed. I have only been to the store about twice in my life but was surprised by all of the interesting looking office supplies and organizers the store supplied. I wasn’t exactly sure which aisle would house my fasteners, so I wandered around quite a bit and was almost sucked in my some playfully designed note pads and filing folders – but I resisted. I came for fasteners, and I was leaving with ONLY fasteners. $3.74

That evening I racked up a tab at Cooks on Crocus Hill and Lunds. I was at the Cooks on 50th and France looking for a 9? round cake pan and a sifter, and I found them for $32.07. Ouch, that was an expensive sifter! But, I really needed them, as Erik and I have decided to make our own wedding cake, and make enough to feed everyone. We are doing many test runs in different stages to make sure we can pull it off, and we needed those things for the upcoming baking extravaganza planned for the weekend. After Cooks we stopped in at Lunds, since it was within walking distance. The following ingredients were purchased for chocolate wedlock part deux: Giradelli unsweetened, semi sweet, and white chocolate chips (high quality needed – this is an important cake), ½ pint of raspberries, 1 pound unsalted butter, 1 pint heavy whipping cream, 1 dozen eggs, and 1 half gallon of whole milk. $31.87

We spent the night baking together, and headed for bed with a cake waiting to be cut, layered, and decorated the next morning.

February 21, 2008

Best Gyro in Town!

Thursday, Feb. 21

I am realizing that I can get a lot of work done if I wake up early on the morning and get to school long before my 11:45 class starts. I was able to print the “final? version of my portfolio book, or at least good enough pages to consider showing people. One early trip to printing services: $10.32

After class, I was picked up from school and had dinner with Erik at the Black Sea. This is one of the greatest restaurants in the Twin Cities, and I promise you will not find a better gyro, especially for $3.95. It is had been an abnormally long time I had last eaten there, as I have been known to support this local gem on a weekly basis. $6 with tax and tip! So good!

After dinner I watched most of the Democratic debate between Obama and Clinton on CNN. I am getting so tired of Clinton and her recent desperation. All she tries to do is get Obama riled up, but he was too smart to get sucked into it tonight. Clinton’s closing statement was note worthy, but overall Obama dominated her in my opinion. I probably watched 2 hours of CNN coverage.

Flash :(

Wednesday, Feb. 20

Wednesday I spent almost all morning and afternoon building part of my portfolio website, which I will use to hopefully get a job at some point. It is amazing how long it takes me to program, and I am wondering if I will ever finish the site – even though this was the first day I have worked on it! I did not use the internet or watch TV all day, but I did spend a lot of hours listening to music through iTunes while working. That evening, around 4pm I visited my parents and read a few articles in the Star Tribune. There was a horrible bus accident that killed 4 students, and I became angry at how depressing the news has become. I was off to class at 5:30 and went straight to bed afterwards with tired eyes from staring at my computer screen almost all day.

February 20, 2008


Tuesday, Feb. 19
I woke up early this morning to get a jump on a few projects. I first ran to the Target on Lake Street to make my splurchase for Senior Seminar, and also pick up a couple of toiletries that I have been needing for a few weeks now. A more detail description can be found in my memoir paper that I will be handing in shortly. One Lindt 85% cocoa chocolate bar, 4-pack of Venus disposable razors, and monthly planner = $14.22

After Target I drove over to school, both because it was -20 wind chills and since I was already in the car and driving around Minneapolis. The cheap lot at school was still open: $3.75

My first stop at school was to printing services to print a draft and then a final copy of the “discover? portion of my GD 4 class. Rushing to beat the clock, these prints were cut and assembled fast. $13.74

After class I headed over to Erik’s, but made quick stop at the Wedge Co-op off of Lyndale Ave. for some hummus and whole wheat pita bread. I prefer the flavor of the non-wheat pita bread, but I know that the wheat has more nutrients. If I eat enough hummus, I can forget about my preference. Either way, I am starving and pleased that decided on this healthy solution to dinner rather than going for fast food. $4.58

At Erik’s I watched CNN’s coverage of the caucuses in Wisconsin and Obama’s speech. I really like Obama’s changes of getting the nomination, although I felt like his speech went on for a few minutes too long. 1.5 hours

February 19, 2008


This Monday was hectic and lacked much consumption, because I had two projects due - one that night and one the next afernoon. I procrastinated to no end with the first project, which completely surprised me because I rarely take that route. However, I was pleased to realize that the project did not require much time at all, and I was not as pressed for time as I had anticipated. I think my background knowledge on the subject bailed me out of the one. There was even time for a quick bite to eat at the Lotus Vietnamese restaurant. It was early enough to still capitalize on the lunch special. $9.00

In a rush to print and assemble my project, and I parked in the lot on campus for my evening class. $3.75

Not thinking ahead, the print center at school was closed by the time I reached it, for I had to settle for the computer lab printers. Another $4.00 later and the project was printed. Luckily most of it was text, so the lack of quality printing was not overly apparent.

Fun, then reality

After another half day at the cabin we hit the road back to Minneapolis. Having paid out my share of the $20 weekend, I was tired from a satisfying weekend of enjoyment! We stopped at a Dairy Queen in Albany on the way home for dinner, and I had a double cheeseburger. I was feeling exceptionally good about my choice of a greasy burger, but the options are so limited at fast food places. Luckily, my disgust with the amount of fat and cholesterol I was about the consume was mitigated by the fact that my meal only cost about $3 because I split a "deal" with Erik.

Back in the city we stopped at Erik's house and enjoyed some of our left over cheese from Thursday and watched a movie called This Film is Not Yet Rated. It is a documentary about the Hollywood rating system for movies, and how corrupt it is. It discusses the inconsistencies in R and NC 17 ratings from sexual content, particularly the discrepancies between male and female exposure. It also looked at how 6 huge companies control about 90% of the media we are exposed to, and how independent films can be more severely judged. Ironically enough, the film was given an NC 17 rating by the board for its sexual content. The film was incredibly insightful, and really relevant to our class topic of consumerism.

Fun: consumption not required

Saturday was a great day at the cabin. We met the Erik's brother and sister and 5 of their other friends from a long time back for the weekend, and spent most of the day making a giant sledding hill and playing games. The TV was on for only about 1.5 hours, in which we watched some of the NBS All-Star Weekend events, including the slam dunk competition. For basketball fans, it's a somewhat important thing to watch, because history could be made (i.e. Vince Carter's between the legs dunk of 1999). Groceries were purchased ahead of time, with each person contributing $10 for the entire weekend's worth of food. Additionally we carpooled up to the cabin with 5 people in the car, so gas was also split into $10 a person. It was a really fun weekend, and most of our amusement was created by our own energy, natures, and a few games! In my opinion, these are some of the best weekends someone can have during a Minnesota winter!

Headed up north

Friday I packed my bag and headed up towards Alexandria for a winter weekend at Erik's cabin. We stopped at the Arby's in Rogers for a quick dinner, and I had two roast beef sandwiches. $2.50

When we reached the cabin we played a board game, Settles of Katan, for a few hours. We also made drinks and snacked on chips and cookies.

February 15, 2008

Morning Bust

I arrived on the West Bank of school this morning for my Travel in Typography class, early because I needed to finish up some research before class started. I quickly stopped into the convenience market (still can't remember the name of it) for a chocolate croissant $2.13

Unfortunately I did not check my email until I arrived, and an email canceling class was waiting in my inbox. So, I ended up bussing over to school for a croissant, and bussing back home. That will teach me.

Since returning home and having extra time for other homework I have read all of the articles for the next Senior Seminar project. I found all of the articles to be pretty interesting, although I feel like my grocery shopping experience is contrary to the research presented. The way I shop has changed dramatically since I started really learning how to cook and really valuing food.

amazing cheese

I started out today by donating another $3.75 to the university, who so kindly let me park in their lot. I had an important meeting with a family friend, who is also a graphic designer. I was meeting him after class in the afternoon, and wanted to make sure that I made it to our meeting destination on time.

I arrived at school early, and spent time in the computer lab on the Internet blogging, emailing, and Googling Mesopotamian architecture. It was all a bit stressful and frantic, and I am starting to find myself falling behind on certain projects. There is a lot to keep up with, and I have been forced to prioritize. As a result some homework gets pushed back as far as it will go.

In Senior Seminar I given a valentine! How exciting, especially after finding a dollar inside! I picked the one I did because it had polka dots on the heart sticker. I love polka dots, and Erik does not - so I try to choose things with them when I can!

After class I quickly ran over to printing services to have some transparencies printed for Travel in Typography. There was not a lot to note, other than the fact that I was in a rush and thinking about my meeting rather than the printing. $3.10

At Common Roots cafe on Lyndale and 26th, where I was meeting my designer friend, I bought a bagel with cream cheese for $2.35. We met for about an hour, but I was too focused on our concentration to really take in any of the "experience" of the cafe.

The evening I picked Erik up from work and we headed to Surdyk's to purchase some greatly anticipated cheeses. A few ounces of Vermont Shepard (it lives up to its legacy!), a double gloucester, and another flowery cheese (do not remember the name or type) came to $15.07. I always love the cheese buying experience.

With our cheese in hand we made one last stop at the Wedge co-op on Lyndale. We bought a small foccaccia bread, two pears, and two chocolate bars (good dark chocolate, two because they were on sale). $7.95

When we finally landed at Erik's we enjoyed our spread while listening to Cities 97 via the internet. After our meal we watched Sense and Sensibility with Netflix online.

February 14, 2008

a lot of nothing

I feel like a did a lot today. I also feel like I got nothing done. There is so much going on with school, but just as much outside of school, and it's getting hard to keep the ball rolling on everything. I worked on projects in the morning, skipping breakfast.

My first purchase of the day came from Savers off of Lake Street, where I found a great little suitcase that I am going to use as my portfolio case. I have been looking for something a little unique, but not over the top. It is a red leather suitcase, that will fit 11x17 boards will a little room to spare. $12.99

At 12:15 when Erik and I had lunch at the Birchwood Cafe in the Cedar neighborhood. I had to pick him up from work so that he could use the car for a work meeting off site, so we stopped for a quick bite. I chose this place because it was near the route we would take for Erik to drop me off at my parents' house so I could work out with my mom. I had a great piece of cherry coffecake $3.00

My mom and I went to Snap Fitness shortly after, where she has a membership and could take me along for free. Although I work out on my own, I haven't been to a gym in almost 4 years, so I was semi-excited to have equipment to use. We were at Snap for 1 hour. During that time I watched approximately 30 minutes of CNN news, via closed captioning since you can only listen to the TVs with a radio signal.

After working out I spent some time online setting up a meeting for the next day with a family friend who is a graphic designer. We are meeting to talk about how he started his career, and basically so that I can pick his brain.

That evening Erik and I met his dad and sister for dinner at D'Amico and Sons off of Hennipen and 24th. I had a salad sampler and a glass of water. We caught up on the latest in each other's lives and I also collected a number of addresses from Erik's dad to start sending out Save the Dates for our wedding. $8.50, 2 hours

After dinner I spent a considerable amount of time on the internet again, looking up recipes that I could use yogurt in, reviewing my credit card statement, reading about credit scores, and researching which cheeses are available at Surdyk's cheese shop in NE Minneapolis.

Little time for personal consumption

My schedule is starting to become busier. Due dates are approaching. Less time for extracurricular activities, and more time staring at a Macintosh screen and using Illustrator.

We watched 2 videos in Jasper's class, for total of possibly 30 minutes. One was showed the WTO protests in Seattle and the other was a French film about the power of words, dubbed over a Chinese Kung Fu movie. I found the second more entertaining than the first.

After class I quickly ran over to the Student Center for lunch. A foot long turkey sub from Subway, since it is relatively healthy and can be spread across two meals was my choice of the afternoon. It's easier to spend time buying one larger meal and eating it twice, than to think about two meals. This translates into more time for working on projects, etc. $7.01

Next stop was to printing services for round 2 of my crappy portfolio. It is the one that no one will likely ever see, because I started putting it together on my own and had no idea what I was doing. Luckily some of the images will be salvaged and used in a later version - I hope. I also printed a copy of my personal letterhead. $10.35

From this point, personal consumption stopped until 9:00pm, when I ate the rest of my sandwich and watched a few painful minutes of American Idol - approximately 15 minutes, are as long as it took for my to eat. Then it was off to the bedroom to do more thinking about my portfolio, and more designing. The night ended with a last check of my email, where I found a notice from AIGA that a design firm in St. Paul was looking for a summer intern. I have known about the company for a couple of years, and I really enjoy their work. So, at about midnight I was on the AIGA website checking out the details and then back to work preparing my cover letter, resume, and samples to email out. Then I slept.

February 11, 2008

Saving on Sunday

Sunday was a much better day as far as spending goes. I went to breakfast with Erik and his roommates at the French Meadow Bakery in the morning and Erik and I split the Cajun hashbrowns. He paid for breakfast so I don’t know the exact total, but it would have been somewhere around $9.

After breakfast I spent some time on the Food Network website looking up a recipe for steamed dumplings, which we were making that afternoon for my sister’s birthday dinner. Usually my mom cooks birthday meals, but I volunteered to help out since I had been wanting to make the dumplings for my family for a little while. After a short trip to Kowalski’s on Lyndale, we had missing our ingredients plus a few extras: ginger, scallions, red pepper, cilantro, tofu, tomato, and cucumber. All together the price was nice considering how much food it was going to make $9.06

After dinner at my parents’ house, Erik and I went to Spill the Wine for a glass of wine. Since we are members of the wine club, we did not have to pay for our glasses! I had a nice Australian Shiraz, and we relaxed at the bar. There were only two parties eating at tables and no one else at the bar, so we were able to really enjoy an a quiet glass of wine together. Of course, nothing is completely free, because there is always a tip! $3

My last consumption conquest of the night was a movie – The Lives of Others. It is a German film, and it was great. It was so interesting, and really captivating. The subtitles were hard to keep up with, as the dialogue was quick, but it was really worth the extra effort ;)

Always more work to be done

Today has been a busy day, yet nothing noteworthy has happening. I have been up and moving since 10am, but haven't left my apartment or talked to anyone. I watched Boy Meets Grill on the Food Network while eating my breakfast of peanut butter toast for 30 minutes. Then I read for two classes for about 2 hours - Universal Principles of Design and Looking Closer 4. Both books are interesting, but in different ways. Universal Principles has lots of information about developing products that I haven't learned much about. However, lots of it seems like common sense. Looking Closer sounds like a great book. I've only read the introductory parts assigned to us, but it makes me think about what I can contribute to society as a designer. I don't think there's anything wrong with working as a corporate designer, as long as you have your limits set and morals to stand on. I am actually looking forward to the corporate challenge, and also thinking about ways I can use design to help my community. I am working on helping design materials for my church, Sanctuary Covenant Church, and am very interested in pro-bono work.

I also spent the last hour or so blogging away on the computer. I am starting to get tired of keeping track of this and writing it down, and searching to ways to motivate myself. There is SO much to notice, and it usually creates a social awkwardness when I have to save trash or make a note of something I am doing out in public! I never get too offended or shy about it though. I've gotten used to weird looks and comments - all for the sake of design. Designers are very misunderstood people.

Focused morning, Fun night

I spent a majority of Saturday working diligently on portfolio stuff. I might have spent 2 hours on the Internet, either emailing potential contacts or researching design firms. I also took a couple of hours to fill my car with gas, and eat lunch with my sister at Arby’s on Lake Street. $40

It is my sister’s birthday on the 11th, so we planned to go bowling with some friends. We met at Erik’s house beforehand and played Apples to Apples and had a Rum and Coke. On the way out to the bowling alley, hungry struck and we stopped at Wendy’s somewhere in Bloomington for a snack attack and chicken nuggets – so healthy. I am starting to get semi-depressed about my weekend eating habits at this point. $2.11

At the Southtown Lanes, and treated my sister to her night of bowling for her birthday and also paid for Erik and myself. I had a good time and bowled for 3 hours. $47.19

Friday – ouch!

Lots of spending today, from beginning to end. I started out the morning with a chocolate chip muffin from a store on the West Bank campus. I don’t actually remember the name of the store, given I spend almost no time there and we in a rush. $2.13

After class I stopped back at the same store and purchased from veggies and dip, and some yogurt for lunch. I had some time to kill before my bus would take me where I needed to go, so I decided to squeeze in lunch. $5.19

That afternoon I took my car in for an oil change at the Firestone in Highland Park. My dad cut a coupon out of the paper for me to use. $20.21 While I waiting for the oil change to finish I visited with my mom. I also wrote my sister a check to purchase her half of the car from her (we had been sharing). Since my parents gave us the family discount when they originally sold it to us, buying her out was not expensive, for a car. I am just happy to have the car in my name soon, so that Erik and I can start using it as we wish. $450.

Friday night I met Erik downtown along with his co-worker and one of his friends. We met at the Refuge, since it near the building they work in. One pint of Summit = $3 with tip. We quickly moved on to Rosen’s as suggested by Erik’s co-worker. I was really in need of some “supper? and the Refuge was crowded and too noisy for conversation. We spent a few hours at Rosen’s, drinking beers, eating appetizers, and having good conversation. By the end of the night we had racked up quite the bill. $27

Friends, Family, and Food

The rest of my consumption for Thursday was limited because I spent the evening with friends and family, away from computers, TV, and store. I ate a great meal, made by our friend Marcia. It’s always nice to visit family friend’s because I feel pampered – no grocery shopping, cooking, or cleaning – just eating great food. Also, complete meals are no guarantee with my schedule this semester and occasional lack of motivation. After dinner we talked for a few hours, and then I went home to bed! Since I had to drive out to Eden Prairie I will also note that a significant amount of gas had to be used.

February 7, 2008

just another day

Many of things I have consumed today are regular parts of life. I watched a few minutes of Fox news this morning, since that was the channel the TV was left on and I wanted to see what the weather would be like. I drove to school today, which is an irregularity. I am going to dinner at one of Erik's family friend's houses, but he didn't remember to tell me about it until today. Given my class goes until 6, driving was the only option for getting us there on time on such short notice. Since we are sharing a car right now, we have to plan in advance if we want to have him pick me up to save time or other things like that. Luckily the cheap lot was open this morning and I was able to park for $3.75.

I also spent some time reading on the internet this morning about various philosophers I have studied and their arguments for universal truths, probably about 30 min.


Another day working in my apartment by myself. With all of the things running around in my mind I easily find things to do that do not involve the TV or going out for food. I become much more of a consumer when I am with other people! I didn't do much consuming, other than a few hours spent on the internet reading about New Zealand and the Fertile Crescent for my projects and sending a few emails.

February 5, 2008

blogging and research

I have already spent a lot of time on the internet today. I sent a few emails, gathering research for my NZ project in GD 4. I have also been blogging for a while today, recording my consumption from the weekend, etc.

so much reading

Monday morning and afternoon were packed full of reading for school. I finished "Introducing Postmodernism", read 68 pages in "Alpha Beta", read all of "The Brand Gap", and started on "Becoming a Graphic Designer, 3rd Edition". I do not remember a time when I did this much reading in one day. Together I must have spent about 6 hours reading.

I took a few short breaks to watch pieces of Food Network shows. Nothing too memorable from any of the shows, although I am confident I could make my own lamp chops after watching Tyler Florence do it. Total watching: 2 hours

I spend a lot of time on Mondays in seclusion in my apartment, working on homework. This kept me from eating out or buying any additional food. Food consumption was kept only to what I had on hand.

SUPER bowl Sunday

Sunday started out with a trip to Trotter's Cafe for breakfast. I had two eggs, fried potatoes, and whole wheat toast. $6.32

After breakfast I went over to Erik's mom's house to play Settler's of Katan, a board game. The game was purchased a while ago, but every time I play I think perhaps I should have my own.

That afternoon included a stop at the Whole Foods off of Grand Ave. in St. Paul to pick up some more pizza making ingredients. Erik and I were so impressed with our pizza from the night before that we decided to make pizzas as snacks for the Super Bowl. Another tomato, more mozzarella, and some pepperoni. $14.79

That night we watched the Super Bowl and cheered for the Giants. I watched the game and the commercials with equal attentiveness, planning bathroom breaks during meaningless fourth downs so I wouldn't miss either. I find it amazing how much effort goes into commercials for this one day, yet every other day the advertising seems so lame that no one bothers to pay attention. I enjoyed watching Shaq as a jockey, the giant Doritos mouse, and the Minnesota Twins ad. The Twins always have great marketing, and Tom Kelly really made this one! I would estimate I spent 5 hours watching TV.

Pizza Success

My Saturday morning consisted of a bowl of Cheerios and a couple of fruit pancakes, although all of the ingredients I consumed had been bought previously. I spent a few hours at my parents' house going over information about taxes and my car. Needless to say the morning and first part of my afternoon remained somewhat consumption free.

Saturday afternoon I went to lunch/coffee with Erik and some of his family. There were in town for a funeral, and wanted to stop for a cup of coffee before heading back home. We met them at the French Meadow Bakery around 2pm. I had a hot chocolate and split a chicken cranberry sandwich with Erik. $13.68

That night Erik and I decided to try out the baking stone I got from my parents' basement and make our own pizza. I attempted a pizza once a couple of years ago, but made a few fatal errors. We haven't had the guts to try one again, until now. The baking stone gave us new confidence in our culinary abilities, and we decided it would be best to start with a basic recipe. We went to Kowolski's and purchased: 1 pound mozzarella, 3 tomatoes, a package of thinly sliced salami, kalamata olives, fresh basil and oregano, a cake mix, one can of frosting, and a dozen eggs. $38.62

While enjoying our pizza making success we watched the movie "Two for the Money" on TV and also two episodes of Ace of Cakes on the Food Network.

Not your typical date night

Friday night Erik and I enjoyed our left over alfredo with a bottle of Luzon. We spent the night in, watching a DVD for our pre-martial counseling. The DVD is called "I Promise" and is based on the lectures and writings of Gary Smalley. We watched the last 3 sessions on the disc, which are 20 minutes each. Total time: 60 min.

February 1, 2008


I just spent the past 1.5 hours researching cutting boards online. I am working on a project for Design Factors of Human Perception and my product I chose is an Epicurean cutting board. Erik got an amazing deal on one from his brother about a year ago, and we absolutely love cutting on it. I was surprised by how much great information can be found on their website, and I think I may have fallen even more in love with our board after reading up on the company's history, values, etc. Also, a composite boards seems like the perfect option because it combines the best features of both wood and plastic boards. It doesn't appear that Epicurean has many if any competitors out there. The closest thing would maybe be a bamboo board, which is harder than maple and eco-friendly. However, you still have to hand wash them and oil them on occasion, which is not necessary with a composite. I feel as though I should go chop something right now!

Downtown Lunch, Afternoon Research

I went to Boynton after class this morning to pick up a prescription for some migraine medication. I was happy to be picking it up, since the medication seems to be helpful, but I also wondered how many trips I will end up making for it, since they will only give out 5 pills at one time. I suppose they expect most women to only have one migraine each month, but I think that it ridiculous. $20.00 well spent.

I then met Erik downtown for lunch, and we went to D. Brien's again. I had an avocado, artichoke, chicken sandwich. It was really good and I was happy to visit Erik during his work day. $6.29

Since returning back to my apartment I have shackled myself to my desk for some hard core homework time. I spent a good chunk of time on the New York Times website reading the article for Tuesday's class. Although I appreciated the writer's viewpoint, he frustrated me a number of times. I am really starting to wish I had saved all of my reading from the Philosophy course I took last year, as they would be really helpful in understanding some of the article's points that are not covered in depth. We covered some of the same things in the Philosophy course, yet the writer seems to glaze over the points of Kant and the concept of the "veil of ignorance". To me these are some of the most important arguments about morality and should be considered just as strongly as the ideas of Jonathan Haidt.


Yesterday afternoon in my graphic design 4 class, we were told to choose a product which we believed was a good "brand". I spent about 30 minutes on the islands of the Bahamas website and well as the blog for Duffy and Partners exploring the branding of the country.

Later that night I stopped at the Highland Park Lunds with Erik to buy of few things for the fettucini alfredo we were making and a few extra things: 1 pound fettucini noodles, 1 shallot, 1 cup heavy whipping cream, butter, %1 milk, Special K, a baguette, and some chevre. $22.37

We ate the alfredo, bread, and cheese with a bottle of Castle Rock Pinot Noir that I had bought a few weeks ago. We put the democratic debate being showed in CNN on, and listed to Obama and Clinton cordially "duke it out" for a couple of hours. We both love the alfredo recipe as well as the Castle Rock, and were looking forward to watching the debate. All in all it was a nice, low-key night. As an added plus, we made enough food to serve up another round at a later date!