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Downtown Lunch, Afternoon Research

I went to Boynton after class this morning to pick up a prescription for some migraine medication. I was happy to be picking it up, since the medication seems to be helpful, but I also wondered how many trips I will end up making for it, since they will only give out 5 pills at one time. I suppose they expect most women to only have one migraine each month, but I think that it ridiculous. $20.00 well spent.

I then met Erik downtown for lunch, and we went to D. Brien's again. I had an avocado, artichoke, chicken sandwich. It was really good and I was happy to visit Erik during his work day. $6.29

Since returning back to my apartment I have shackled myself to my desk for some hard core homework time. I spent a good chunk of time on the New York Times website reading the article for Tuesday's class. Although I appreciated the writer's viewpoint, he frustrated me a number of times. I am really starting to wish I had saved all of my reading from the Philosophy course I took last year, as they would be really helpful in understanding some of the article's points that are not covered in depth. We covered some of the same things in the Philosophy course, yet the writer seems to glaze over the points of Kant and the concept of the "veil of ignorance". To me these are some of the most important arguments about morality and should be considered just as strongly as the ideas of Jonathan Haidt.