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I just spent the past 1.5 hours researching cutting boards online. I am working on a project for Design Factors of Human Perception and my product I chose is an Epicurean cutting board. Erik got an amazing deal on one from his brother about a year ago, and we absolutely love cutting on it. I was surprised by how much great information can be found on their website, and I think I may have fallen even more in love with our board after reading up on the company's history, values, etc. Also, a composite boards seems like the perfect option because it combines the best features of both wood and plastic boards. It doesn't appear that Epicurean has many if any competitors out there. The closest thing would maybe be a bamboo board, which is harder than maple and eco-friendly. However, you still have to hand wash them and oil them on occasion, which is not necessary with a composite. I feel as though I should go chop something right now!