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just another day

Many of things I have consumed today are regular parts of life. I watched a few minutes of Fox news this morning, since that was the channel the TV was left on and I wanted to see what the weather would be like. I drove to school today, which is an irregularity. I am going to dinner at one of Erik's family friend's houses, but he didn't remember to tell me about it until today. Given my class goes until 6, driving was the only option for getting us there on time on such short notice. Since we are sharing a car right now, we have to plan in advance if we want to have him pick me up to save time or other things like that. Luckily the cheap lot was open this morning and I was able to park for $3.75.

I also spent some time reading on the internet this morning about various philosophers I have studied and their arguments for universal truths, probably about 30 min.