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Saving on Sunday

Sunday was a much better day as far as spending goes. I went to breakfast with Erik and his roommates at the French Meadow Bakery in the morning and Erik and I split the Cajun hashbrowns. He paid for breakfast so I don’t know the exact total, but it would have been somewhere around $9.

After breakfast I spent some time on the Food Network website looking up a recipe for steamed dumplings, which we were making that afternoon for my sister’s birthday dinner. Usually my mom cooks birthday meals, but I volunteered to help out since I had been wanting to make the dumplings for my family for a little while. After a short trip to Kowalski’s on Lyndale, we had missing our ingredients plus a few extras: ginger, scallions, red pepper, cilantro, tofu, tomato, and cucumber. All together the price was nice considering how much food it was going to make $9.06

After dinner at my parents’ house, Erik and I went to Spill the Wine for a glass of wine. Since we are members of the wine club, we did not have to pay for our glasses! I had a nice Australian Shiraz, and we relaxed at the bar. There were only two parties eating at tables and no one else at the bar, so we were able to really enjoy an a quiet glass of wine together. Of course, nothing is completely free, because there is always a tip! $3

My last consumption conquest of the night was a movie – The Lives of Others. It is a German film, and it was great. It was so interesting, and really captivating. The subtitles were hard to keep up with, as the dialogue was quick, but it was really worth the extra effort ;)