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Tuesday, Feb. 19
I woke up early this morning to get a jump on a few projects. I first ran to the Target on Lake Street to make my splurchase for Senior Seminar, and also pick up a couple of toiletries that I have been needing for a few weeks now. A more detail description can be found in my memoir paper that I will be handing in shortly. One Lindt 85% cocoa chocolate bar, 4-pack of Venus disposable razors, and monthly planner = $14.22

After Target I drove over to school, both because it was -20 wind chills and since I was already in the car and driving around Minneapolis. The cheap lot at school was still open: $3.75

My first stop at school was to printing services to print a draft and then a final copy of the ‚Äúdiscover‚Ä? portion of my GD 4 class. Rushing to beat the clock, these prints were cut and assembled fast. $13.74

After class I headed over to Erik’s, but made quick stop at the Wedge Co-op off of Lyndale Ave. for some hummus and whole wheat pita bread. I prefer the flavor of the non-wheat pita bread, but I know that the wheat has more nutrients. If I eat enough hummus, I can forget about my preference. Either way, I am starving and pleased that decided on this healthy solution to dinner rather than going for fast food. $4.58

At Erik’s I watched CNN’s coverage of the caucuses in Wisconsin and Obama’s speech. I really like Obama’s changes of getting the nomination, although I felt like his speech went on for a few minutes too long. 1.5 hours