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SUPER bowl Sunday

Sunday started out with a trip to Trotter's Cafe for breakfast. I had two eggs, fried potatoes, and whole wheat toast. $6.32

After breakfast I went over to Erik's mom's house to play Settler's of Katan, a board game. The game was purchased a while ago, but every time I play I think perhaps I should have my own.

That afternoon included a stop at the Whole Foods off of Grand Ave. in St. Paul to pick up some more pizza making ingredients. Erik and I were so impressed with our pizza from the night before that we decided to make pizzas as snacks for the Super Bowl. Another tomato, more mozzarella, and some pepperoni. $14.79

That night we watched the Super Bowl and cheered for the Giants. I watched the game and the commercials with equal attentiveness, planning bathroom breaks during meaningless fourth downs so I wouldn't miss either. I find it amazing how much effort goes into commercials for this one day, yet every other day the advertising seems so lame that no one bothers to pay attention. I enjoyed watching Shaq as a jockey, the giant Doritos mouse, and the Minnesota Twins ad. The Twins always have great marketing, and Tom Kelly really made this one! I would estimate I spent 5 hours watching TV.