February 11, 2008

Always more work to be done

Today has been a busy day, yet nothing noteworthy has happening. I have been up and moving since 10am, but haven't left my apartment or talked to anyone. I watched Boy Meets Grill on the Food Network while eating my breakfast of peanut butter toast for 30 minutes. Then I read for two classes for about 2 hours - Universal Principles of Design and Looking Closer 4. Both books are interesting, but in different ways. Universal Principles has lots of information about developing products that I haven't learned much about. However, lots of it seems like common sense. Looking Closer sounds like a great book. I've only read the introductory parts assigned to us, but it makes me think about what I can contribute to society as a designer. I don't think there's anything wrong with working as a corporate designer, as long as you have your limits set and morals to stand on. I am actually looking forward to the corporate challenge, and also thinking about ways I can use design to help my community. I am working on helping design materials for my church, Sanctuary Covenant Church, and am very interested in pro-bono work.

I also spent the last hour or so blogging away on the computer. I am starting to get tired of keeping track of this and writing it down, and searching to ways to motivate myself. There is SO much to notice, and it usually creates a social awkwardness when I have to save trash or make a note of something I am doing out in public! I never get too offended or shy about it though. I've gotten used to weird looks and comments - all for the sake of design. Designers are very misunderstood people.