February 14, 2008

Little time for personal consumption

My schedule is starting to become busier. Due dates are approaching. Less time for extracurricular activities, and more time staring at a Macintosh screen and using Illustrator.

We watched 2 videos in Jasper's class, for total of possibly 30 minutes. One was showed the WTO protests in Seattle and the other was a French film about the power of words, dubbed over a Chinese Kung Fu movie. I found the second more entertaining than the first.

After class I quickly ran over to the Student Center for lunch. A foot long turkey sub from Subway, since it is relatively healthy and can be spread across two meals was my choice of the afternoon. It's easier to spend time buying one larger meal and eating it twice, than to think about two meals. This translates into more time for working on projects, etc. $7.01

Next stop was to printing services for round 2 of my crappy portfolio. It is the one that no one will likely ever see, because I started putting it together on my own and had no idea what I was doing. Luckily some of the images will be salvaged and used in a later version - I hope. I also printed a copy of my personal letterhead. $10.35

From this point, personal consumption stopped until 9:00pm, when I ate the rest of my sandwich and watched a few painful minutes of American Idol - approximately 15 minutes, are as long as it took for my to eat. Then it was off to the bedroom to do more thinking about my portfolio, and more designing. The night ended with a last check of my email, where I found a notice from AIGA that a design firm in St. Paul was looking for a summer intern. I have known about the company for a couple of years, and I really enjoy their work. So, at about midnight I was on the AIGA website checking out the details and then back to work preparing my cover letter, resume, and samples to email out. Then I slept.