February 14, 2008

a lot of nothing

I feel like a did a lot today. I also feel like I got nothing done. There is so much going on with school, but just as much outside of school, and it's getting hard to keep the ball rolling on everything. I worked on projects in the morning, skipping breakfast.

My first purchase of the day came from Savers off of Lake Street, where I found a great little suitcase that I am going to use as my portfolio case. I have been looking for something a little unique, but not over the top. It is a red leather suitcase, that will fit 11x17 boards will a little room to spare. $12.99

At 12:15 when Erik and I had lunch at the Birchwood Cafe in the Cedar neighborhood. I had to pick him up from work so that he could use the car for a work meeting off site, so we stopped for a quick bite. I chose this place because it was near the route we would take for Erik to drop me off at my parents' house so I could work out with my mom. I had a great piece of cherry coffecake $3.00

My mom and I went to Snap Fitness shortly after, where she has a membership and could take me along for free. Although I work out on my own, I haven't been to a gym in almost 4 years, so I was semi-excited to have equipment to use. We were at Snap for 1 hour. During that time I watched approximately 30 minutes of CNN news, via closed captioning since you can only listen to the TVs with a radio signal.

After working out I spent some time online setting up a meeting for the next day with a family friend who is a graphic designer. We are meeting to talk about how he started his career, and basically so that I can pick his brain.

That evening Erik and I met his dad and sister for dinner at D'Amico and Sons off of Hennipen and 24th. I had a salad sampler and a glass of water. We caught up on the latest in each other's lives and I also collected a number of addresses from Erik's dad to start sending out Save the Dates for our wedding. $8.50, 2 hours

After dinner I spent a considerable amount of time on the internet again, looking up recipes that I could use yogurt in, reviewing my credit card statement, reading about credit scores, and researching which cheeses are available at Surdyk's cheese shop in NE Minneapolis.