February 15, 2008

amazing cheese

I started out today by donating another $3.75 to the university, who so kindly let me park in their lot. I had an important meeting with a family friend, who is also a graphic designer. I was meeting him after class in the afternoon, and wanted to make sure that I made it to our meeting destination on time.

I arrived at school early, and spent time in the computer lab on the Internet blogging, emailing, and Googling Mesopotamian architecture. It was all a bit stressful and frantic, and I am starting to find myself falling behind on certain projects. There is a lot to keep up with, and I have been forced to prioritize. As a result some homework gets pushed back as far as it will go.

In Senior Seminar I given a valentine! How exciting, especially after finding a dollar inside! I picked the one I did because it had polka dots on the heart sticker. I love polka dots, and Erik does not - so I try to choose things with them when I can!

After class I quickly ran over to printing services to have some transparencies printed for Travel in Typography. There was not a lot to note, other than the fact that I was in a rush and thinking about my meeting rather than the printing. $3.10

At Common Roots cafe on Lyndale and 26th, where I was meeting my designer friend, I bought a bagel with cream cheese for $2.35. We met for about an hour, but I was too focused on our concentration to really take in any of the "experience" of the cafe.

The evening I picked Erik up from work and we headed to Surdyk's to purchase some greatly anticipated cheeses. A few ounces of Vermont Shepard (it lives up to its legacy!), a double gloucester, and another flowery cheese (do not remember the name or type) came to $15.07. I always love the cheese buying experience.

With our cheese in hand we made one last stop at the Wedge co-op on Lyndale. We bought a small foccaccia bread, two pears, and two chocolate bars (good dark chocolate, two because they were on sale). $7.95

When we finally landed at Erik's we enjoyed our spread while listening to Cities 97 via the internet. After our meal we watched Sense and Sensibility with Netflix online.