February 19, 2008

Headed up north

Friday I packed my bag and headed up towards Alexandria for a winter weekend at Erik's cabin. We stopped at the Arby's in Rogers for a quick dinner, and I had two roast beef sandwiches. $2.50

When we reached the cabin we played a board game, Settles of Katan, for a few hours. We also made drinks and snacked on chips and cookies.

February 15, 2008

Morning Bust

I arrived on the West Bank of school this morning for my Travel in Typography class, early because I needed to finish up some research before class started. I quickly stopped into the convenience market (still can't remember the name of it) for a chocolate croissant $2.13

Unfortunately I did not check my email until I arrived, and an email canceling class was waiting in my inbox. So, I ended up bussing over to school for a croissant, and bussing back home. That will teach me.

Since returning home and having extra time for other homework I have read all of the articles for the next Senior Seminar project. I found all of the articles to be pretty interesting, although I feel like my grocery shopping experience is contrary to the research presented. The way I shop has changed dramatically since I started really learning how to cook and really valuing food.