February 19, 2008

Fun: consumption not required

Saturday was a great day at the cabin. We met the Erik's brother and sister and 5 of their other friends from a long time back for the weekend, and spent most of the day making a giant sledding hill and playing games. The TV was on for only about 1.5 hours, in which we watched some of the NBS All-Star Weekend events, including the slam dunk competition. For basketball fans, it's a somewhat important thing to watch, because history could be made (i.e. Vince Carter's between the legs dunk of 1999). Groceries were purchased ahead of time, with each person contributing $10 for the entire weekend's worth of food. Additionally we carpooled up to the cabin with 5 people in the car, so gas was also split into $10 a person. It was a really fun weekend, and most of our amusement was created by our own energy, natures, and a few games! In my opinion, these are some of the best weekends someone can have during a Minnesota winter!