February 19, 2008

Fun, then reality

After another half day at the cabin we hit the road back to Minneapolis. Having paid out my share of the $20 weekend, I was tired from a satisfying weekend of enjoyment! We stopped at a Dairy Queen in Albany on the way home for dinner, and I had a double cheeseburger. I was feeling exceptionally good about my choice of a greasy burger, but the options are so limited at fast food places. Luckily, my disgust with the amount of fat and cholesterol I was about the consume was mitigated by the fact that my meal only cost about $3 because I split a "deal" with Erik.

Back in the city we stopped at Erik's house and enjoyed some of our left over cheese from Thursday and watched a movie called This Film is Not Yet Rated. It is a documentary about the Hollywood rating system for movies, and how corrupt it is. It discusses the inconsistencies in R and NC 17 ratings from sexual content, particularly the discrepancies between male and female exposure. It also looked at how 6 huge companies control about 90% of the media we are exposed to, and how independent films can be more severely judged. Ironically enough, the film was given an NC 17 rating by the board for its sexual content. The film was incredibly insightful, and really relevant to our class topic of consumerism.