February 19, 2008


This Monday was hectic and lacked much consumption, because I had two projects due - one that night and one the next afernoon. I procrastinated to no end with the first project, which completely surprised me because I rarely take that route. However, I was pleased to realize that the project did not require much time at all, and I was not as pressed for time as I had anticipated. I think my background knowledge on the subject bailed me out of the one. There was even time for a quick bite to eat at the Lotus Vietnamese restaurant. It was early enough to still capitalize on the lunch special. $9.00

In a rush to print and assemble my project, and I parked in the lot on campus for my evening class. $3.75

Not thinking ahead, the print center at school was closed by the time I reached it, for I had to settle for the computer lab printers. Another $4.00 later and the project was printed. Luckily most of it was text, so the lack of quality printing was not overly apparent.