February 21, 2008

Best Gyro in Town!

Thursday, Feb. 21

I am realizing that I can get a lot of work done if I wake up early on the morning and get to school long before my 11:45 class starts. I was able to print the “final� version of my portfolio book, or at least good enough pages to consider showing people. One early trip to printing services: $10.32

After class, I was picked up from school and had dinner with Erik at the Black Sea. This is one of the greatest restaurants in the Twin Cities, and I promise you will not find a better gyro, especially for $3.95. It is had been an abnormally long time I had last eaten there, as I have been known to support this local gem on a weekly basis. $6 with tax and tip! So good!

After dinner I watched most of the Democratic debate between Obama and Clinton on CNN. I am getting so tired of Clinton and her recent desperation. All she tries to do is get Obama riled up, but he was too smart to get sucked into it tonight. Clinton’s closing statement was note worthy, but overall Obama dominated her in my opinion. I probably watched 2 hours of CNN coverage.