February 23, 2008

Chocolate Wedlock Preparation

Friday, Feb. 22
After my morning class I headed to Anchor Paper Express and Office Depot for design supplies. I am redesigning the stationery for one of my projects, so that I can be proud of its presence in my portfolio. I wandered around the store for probably 30 minutes, and finally decided on some recycled paper and envelopes. I took so little that I was only charged for my one envelope! $0.85

My stop to the Office Depot off of University of St. Paul was relatively short. I needed some Prong Fasteners to bind my portfolio book, and I knew exactly what I needed. I have only been to the store about twice in my life but was surprised by all of the interesting looking office supplies and organizers the store supplied. I wasn’t exactly sure which aisle would house my fasteners, so I wandered around quite a bit and was almost sucked in my some playfully designed note pads and filing folders – but I resisted. I came for fasteners, and I was leaving with ONLY fasteners. $3.74

That evening I racked up a tab at Cooks on Crocus Hill and Lunds. I was at the Cooks on 50th and France looking for a 9? round cake pan and a sifter, and I found them for $32.07. Ouch, that was an expensive sifter! But, I really needed them, as Erik and I have decided to make our own wedding cake, and make enough to feed everyone. We are doing many test runs in different stages to make sure we can pull it off, and we needed those things for the upcoming baking extravaganza planned for the weekend. After Cooks we stopped in at Lunds, since it was within walking distance. The following ingredients were purchased for chocolate wedlock part deux: Giradelli unsweetened, semi sweet, and white chocolate chips (high quality needed – this is an important cake), ½ pint of raspberries, 1 pound unsalted butter, 1 pint heavy whipping cream, 1 dozen eggs, and 1 half gallon of whole milk. $31.87

We spent the night baking together, and headed for bed with a cake waiting to be cut, layered, and decorated the next morning.