February 25, 2008

Cake, Whities, Oscars

Sunday, Feb. 24
Finally, I got to eat my cake, and it was amazing! Erik’s mom came over and we had cake and coffee (no coffee for me – too strong). Afterwards I watched the second half of the Gopher Men’s basketball game on the Big Ten Network. We beat Penn State, but almost lost in the last 2 minutes. It would have been an embarrassing loss for a number of reasons, and I did my fair share of shouting at the T.V. After the game I went over to my parents’ house to bring them some of our cake. I stayed for a while and played Wii with Erik, my sister, and my mom. I am finally a professional bowler! Wow, what an accomplishment – still, I was excited!

The evening I had one of the most delicious yet disgusting dinners ever – White Castle. It would be deadly to eat from there more than once every 6 months, but sometimes you just get the craving. Their food is SO bad for you, it makes McDonald’s seem healthy. Yet, I cannot resist from time to time. $7.92 for two people.

After my attempt to clog all of my arteries, I enjoyed a few hours of watching the Oscar’s. I realized that I have not seen many of the films that were nominated, which is somewhat unusual for me. I have concluded that I need to see No Country for Old Men, which I have been wanting to get to but just haven’t done it. I was very excited to see Once win for best song!