February 27, 2008

All the necessities, and then a little fun

Tuesday started out with another disappointing trip to printing services. I needed to reprint a portfolio piece, so that I could have a copy with better craftsmanship. I was disappointed to find that somehow in the mix one of my images became pixelated, and I spent time and money printing garbage. This is a frustrating experience, especially as portfolio pressure is building. $3.20

I quickly ran into the Gopher Spot after printing to stock up on food supplies for the rest of afternoon. It was about 9:30, and I knew I wouldn't have another opportunity to purchase food until 8:30pm or later. I bought a chicken with dried cherries Original Tomato foccaccia sandwich and a peanut butter chocolate chip Clif bar. This would be enough for lunch and evening snack, and none of it was awful for me healthwise. $5.67

I spent the rest of the morning earnestly working in the computer lab, with my eyes glued to Illustrator files. The same was true that afternoon for an hour between classes.

After classes I went to the Old Chicago in the Har Mar Hall with some friends from class. It has been a long but productive day, and I wanted to relax and let myself unwind from the day. I started out with a pint of Fat Tire on draft, which quickly calmed me. Fat Tire is one of my favorite beers, and I am especially pleased that they have started to serve it on draft and not just in the bottle. Their bottles are way too big for me, especially to drink before it starts getting warm - and who can stand the taste of warm beer! For dinner I ordered the pepperoni pizza rolls, which are one of my favorites at Old Chicago. I was in the mood for pizza, but we were ordering individually. This was the most cost effective way to satisfy my pizza craving. $16.30