February 11, 2008

Friday – ouch!

Lots of spending today, from beginning to end. I started out the morning with a chocolate chip muffin from a store on the West Bank campus. I don’t actually remember the name of the store, given I spend almost no time there and we in a rush. $2.13

After class I stopped back at the same store and purchased from veggies and dip, and some yogurt for lunch. I had some time to kill before my bus would take me where I needed to go, so I decided to squeeze in lunch. $5.19

That afternoon I took my car in for an oil change at the Firestone in Highland Park. My dad cut a coupon out of the paper for me to use. $20.21 While I waiting for the oil change to finish I visited with my mom. I also wrote my sister a check to purchase her half of the car from her (we had been sharing). Since my parents gave us the family discount when they originally sold it to us, buying her out was not expensive, for a car. I am just happy to have the car in my name soon, so that Erik and I can start using it as we wish. $450.

Friday night I met Erik downtown along with his co-worker and one of his friends. We met at the Refuge, since it near the building they work in. One pint of Summit = $3 with tip. We quickly moved on to Rosen’s as suggested by Erik’s co-worker. I was really in need of some “supper? and the Refuge was crowded and too noisy for conversation. We spent a few hours at Rosen’s, drinking beers, eating appetizers, and having good conversation. By the end of the night we had racked up quite the bill. $27