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Canadian Serial Killer finally Found Guilty

According to the USA Today, “A pig farmer accused of being Canada's worst serial killer was found guilty Sunday of six counts of second-degree murder, which carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison. The verdict ended the trial of Robert 'Willie' Pickton on the first six of 26 murder charges in the deaths of women, most of them prostitutes and drug addicts from a seedy Vancouver neighborhood. Pickton listened to the verdict with his head bowed. He will receive a mandatory sentence of life in prison and will not be eligible for parole for at least 10 years. The jury was deliberating Sunday whether to extend that 10-year period.? Prosecutors have said Pickton will be tried for the 20 other murder charges but no date has been set. Last week, Judge James Williams reviewed the transcript of a videotape in which Pickton is heard telling an undercover police officer that he had planned to kill one more woman before stopping at 50, taking a break and then killing another 25 women.?

According to the Vancouver Sun, Convicted serial killer Robert (Willie) Pickton will learn Tuesday how long he will serve in jail for the murder of six women who disappeared from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside between 1997 and 2001. Pickton, 58, was found guilty earlier today of six counts of second-degree murder, not first-degree murder as he was charged.? He is facing another 20 counts of first-degree murder at a second trial, although no date has been set. First-degree murder means it was a planned and deliberate murder or a murder in the course of a sexual assault or the killing of a police officer. Second-degree murder includes all other murders that are not first-degree, but usually involves murders that do not involve forethought and planning.

The USA Today article had the essential information but did not have near the detail that the Vancouver Sun did. The Sun described more about what it was like inside the courtroom and had more about the women he killed. This was kind of a disturbing story, but really interesting. This is the kind of killer they would make horror movies about.