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Obama Takes Minneapolis

Presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama spoke to a nearly full house at the Target Center Saturday. The Pioneer Press called it, "One of the state's larger political gatherings in recent years."
Obama impressed supporters with references to Martin Luther King Jr. and the late Sen. Paul Wellstone. He said, "We are in a defining moment in history. ... We cannot afford to wait."
One of the biggest parts of this story was not the rally, but the wait to get inside. The Pioneer Press described it as a five-hour wait with crowds winding through downtown Minneapolis's skyway system. The Star Tribune said the waiting line resembled a group waiting for a concert because of the loud music booming from inside the Target Center.
Supporters and non-supporters alike were among the nearly 20,000 attendees who had the chance to hear the candidate speak. Both articles mentioned people who came undecided, but only The Pioneer Press quoted a person who is now choosing Obama.
Obama's visit was well received and just in time, as Minnesota will caucus on Tuesday.