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Pawlenty's Veto Overridden

Minnesotans will soon be paying more at the pumps. In an historic override of Governor Pawlenty's transportation bill veto, Minnesota House and Senate put the law into action.
According to The Star Tribune, the bill proposed $6.6 billion for better roads and bridges. It is also the first state gas tax increase in 20 years, said The Star Tribune.
The override is Pawlenty's first and in The Star Tribune, he called the plan "ridiculous."
"Six House Republicans joined the DFL majority in the 91-41 vote, one vote more than the two-thirds majority needed and two more than the bill got Thursday," said The Star Tribune.
The Senate vote was 47-20.
"Such override votes are rare," said The Pioneer Press. "Pawlenty, a Republican, is one of five governors in the past seven decades to have the Legislature pass a law over his veto."
The new law, according to the articles, will not only increase the gas tax, but license tab fees. Hennepin County will also see a 0.25 percent increase in sales tax.
"I think today we all knew we were making history," said Sen. Tarryl Clark, DFL-St. Cloud in The Star Tribune.
Representatives for and against the law talked in the articles, but either way, prices are about to go up.