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Skiers Lost in California

CNN.com released today a report from the Associated Press saying two skiers are lost near Lake Tahoe Resort in northern California.
Over the weekend, the winter storm dropped several feet of new snow in the area. "The skiers Patrick Frost, 35, and Christopher Gerwig, 32, both of San Francisco, California, were reported missing Saturday night at the Alpine Meadows resort just north of Lake Tahoe, said Placer County sheriff's Sgt. Allan Carter." They are reported as expert skiers and were last seen the night before their disappearance.
Authorities are unsure where the skiers are, but are searching a wide area including areas outside of the resort's boundaries.
The blizzard caused an avalanche closing Alpine Meadows Sunday, but the search continues. Carter says the skiers have a "pretty good" chance for survival. "If you keep moving and have a positive attitude and know how to construct a snow shelter, you can survive."
According to another AP report, the search will resume Monday, but these disappearance are one of many to blame on the latest winter storm.