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Writers' Stike may be Close to an End

Recent negotiations between Hollywood executives and the Writers Guild of America may bring a long awaited end to the three-month strike. The New York Times reported today that the writers could be back to work by Wednesday pending a three-year deal with production companies.
The biggest issue for the strike has been new media revenues, which the writers wanted more of. "In the third year of the Writers Guild deal, writers will be paid a percentage of the distributor’s revenue rather than the flat fee for Web-streamed television shows granted to the directors," said the New York Times. "Writers had demanded a much bigger share of returns from downloads and Web streaming than they had received in the past."
The strike has changed the face of television across the country bringing more reality shows and reruns. The movie industry has also extended the release of many blockbuster films. Most importantly, the governing boards of the unions represent 12,000 writers who have been out of work since early November.
An end to the strike will be a return to work for the writers and long awaited original content for viewers.