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Adam Thielen

Adam Thielen, the Monticello teen that suffered a heart attack Friday left the hospital today.
"Days after he collapsed in cardiac arrest during his high school basketball game - and scribbled a question on paper," said the Pioneer Press article. "Did we win?"
Thielen woke from a coma earlier this week.
Paul Thielen, Adam's father, "thanked everyone involved in the care of his son, whose rapid recovery meant he was able to go home today," said the article.
Thielen suffered from short-term memory loss, has a defibrillator implanted and he has been discouraged from "strenuous athletics," according to the article.
"He can resume school soon and continue his ambitions to study sports management in college," said the article.
Thielen collapsed Friday while playing basketball in Monticello. He was transported to Monticello-Big Lake Hospital and later airlifted to North Memorial.