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Clinton's Push for the Primaries

With some of the most important contests coming up this week, Hillary Clinton is putting in extra time in Ohio.
She said today that one of her biggest issues in Ohio is the economic issues facing the U.S. according to an AP article in the Los Angeles Times. "For some people this election is about how you feel, it's about speeches," Clinton Said. "Well, that's not what it's about for me. It's about solutions."
"She told more than 2,000 cheering backers that she wants to solve the economic troubles facing the industrial Midwest," said the article.
Clinton's rival, Barack Obama has won the last 11 caucuses. This weeks contests in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont are imperative for Clinton to stay in the race to the White House.
"Polls show tight contests in Texas and Ohio," said the article.
"The last days leading up until Tuesday are ones where we really need you," Clinton said in the article.
With the recent loses, Clinton's tactics against her rival have changed to more a defensive stance. She accused Barack Obama of just making promises. "I'm not interested in just talking, I'm interested in action," she said in the article.
"Most polls have shown Clinton with a fragile lead," said the article.