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Democratic Split

The Washington Post reported today that the fierce competition between Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama could cost democrats the election in November.
Howard Dean, the Chairman for the Democratic National Committee, said, "The only thing that can beat us is that we're divided." Dean spoke on ABC's "This Week" according to the article.
With most primaries and caucuses over, the party is deciding whether or not to allow Florida's and Michigan's votes to count, or to hold a new election in those states.
"Both states held primaries in January, in defiance of an election calendar set up by the committee Dean chairs," said the article.
The competition is so close that the delegates in those states could make a difference for either candidate.
According to the article, Clinton wants the results from the January elections because she won. Obama wants to split the delegates in half or hold a new vote.
The problem is paying for new elections. According to the article, neither the Democratic or Republican party will pay, nor with the governments in the two states.
"Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D), a Clinton supporter, said it would be disastrous for the party to hold a convention without Florida and Michigan represented," said the article.