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Endeavour Touches Down

The Space Shuttle Endeavour and its seven person crew touched down Wednesday in Cape Canaveral, Fla.
According to an AP article on cnn.com the nighttime landing was rare. "It was only the 22nd space shuttle landing in darkness," said the article. "Fewer than one-fifth of all missions have ended at nighttime; the last one was in 2006."
The New York Times said the shuttle's first landing was canceled due to weather. "Clouds threatened to obscure the site," said the article.
Both articles said the mission lasted for 16 days. According to the cnn.com article, "The astronauts installed the first piece of Japan's Kibo lab, put together a giant Canadian robot named Dextre, tested a shuttle repair technique and more.
The shuttle mission continued to bring the International Space Station closer to completion. CNN.com said the station is now 70 percent complete and that NASA wants to have it completed by 2010.