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Gas Leak In Rocori

The Star Tribune reported Wednesday that a gas leak in Rocori High chool in Cold Spring sent 37 to local hospitals. 33 people were admitted to St. Cloud Hospital and 15 were likely to stay overnight said Dr. Tom Schrup in the article.
The remaining four people were treated and released at a hospital in Paynesville.
"The cause of the leak, which prompted a strong emergency response from health and public safety officials, was under investigation and not fully clear late Wednesday," said the article.
According to the article, all but one of the people treated were students. The other was a physical education teacher for ninth and 10th grade class.
Another article in the Pioneer Press said that all of the chemicals were cleared by 4 p.m. "All of the chlorine had been cleared and students and faculty were being allowed back into the building to retrieve personal items," said Cold Spring Mayor Doug Schmitz in the article.
The articles said the chlorine gas came from the pool, but the problem has been contained and the school will open normally on Thursday.