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In-Flight Cell Phone Testing

A technology article in the New York Times on Sunday said that several European airlines are testing the use of cell phones while in flight.
According to the article, several passengers were let down with less than stunning service.
"The technology, which allows cellphone users to make and receive calls through an onboard base station linked to a satellite, delivers a still-patchy quality that keeps most in-flight calls short and tinny," the article said.
"While airlines in the United States have shunned the use of cellphones in flight — mainly because their passengers have argued vociferously for keeping one last cellphone-free sanctuary — some European and Mideast carriers are preparing to offer the service as early as this summer," the article said.
The service may deter many passengers as roaming charges were as high as $4.72 in some cases.
Even though the tests were unimpressive, many would embrace some data access during flights, regardless of cost. The article said that while cell phones may not be an option, access to the internet could be in the future for passengers.