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Man Arrested in Tuesday's Attempted Abduction

The man who tried to abduct a 14-year-old girl in St. Paul on Tuesday was charged today with attempted kidnapping and false imprisonment. Ali S. Abdilahi, 31, of St. Paul appeared in Ramsey County District Court today for the alleged charges, a Star Tribune article said.
According to another article in the Pioneer Press, police are still searching for the other man involved in the crime who actually tried to pull the girl in the car.
"The girl has told police she didn't know either man," the article said.
The girl was approached Tuesday morning by the men and when they grabbed her, she hung on to the outside mirror of their car and was dragged about 30 feet, police say.
"An officer saw streaks of blood on the girl's leg, and scraped and bloody skin on her knees. Her clothes were wet and torn," the Pioneer Press article said.
Police arrest Abdilahi after the girl identified him in a linup, the articles said.
"She had seen and remembered part of the car's license plate, and wrote it down. Police ran variations of the number through law enforcement databases and found a car that matched the description the girl gave," the Pioneer Press said.
Abdilahi is being held at the Ramsey County jail. The Start Tribune said his bail is set at $35,000 while the Pioneer Press said it is $75,000.