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Minnesota Bridge Problems

Minnesota is home to bridge work this summer. With the 35W Bridge underway was well as the Crosstown project diverting traffic, another metro bridge has been closed for work.
According to a Star Tribune article, the American Boulevard bridge in Bloomington has been closed to fix a construction error.
"The overpass is structurally sound," the article said. "But the western approach road has sagged because the wrong fill had been chosen to support it."
The fill, a substance called goefoam, was used because of the surrounding soil is "less than ideal," the article said.
The problem will be fixed with $360,000 of state and federal funds, the article said.
The closure came at an unfortunate time as another bridge, the 76th Street bridge, will close on April, 28, the article said.
American Boulevard is scheduled to reopen the next week, meaning two bridges within a mile of each other will be closed. "There was no way around it," a MnDOT spokeswoman in the article, said.