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More Cancellations for American

American Airlines is grounding 200 more of its MD-80s today bringing the total to over 3,000. The Associate Press reported in the Star Tribune that as thousands are stranded around the country, the airline's own employees were the "loudest."
"The pilots union took out full-page newspaper ads that asked, Why is American Airlines Failing Its Customers?" the article said.
American has been canceling flights since Tuesday and inspecting the wiring on the fleet of MD-80s. The FAA has been inspecting the planes all week and slowly releasing them back into service.
The article said the cost of the crisis has reached the tens of millions of dollars. "An analyst with Standard & Poor's estimated it could easily top $30 million," the article said.
"Overall, U.S. carriers have shut down about 3,700 flights since late March in response to failed Federal Aviation Administration safety inspections of MD-80 airplanes," another article on CNN.com said. "The FAA is conducting industrywide inspections of all jets that will continue through the end of June."
American is offering compensation for its customers, but as the inspections continue, air travel in the country has been reduced to a crawl.