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People Still Missing After Fire

A devastating fire in Norwich, Conn. displaced more than 150 people, many of whom are unaccounted for. According to an Associated Press article on CNN.com, the site is still too hot for fire fighters or dogs to get close enough to search for bodies.
"No deaths had been confirmed, but Fire Chief Ken Scandariato said he couldn't rule out the possibility that some residents may not have escaped," the article said.
The fire, reported on Saturday, destroyed 12-building apartment complex sharing a common roof.
"The entire structure was engulfed in flames within minutes, and all but about eight of 120 apartments were destroyed," the article said.
Most people were able to escape only with robes. Everything was destroyed.
As far as those still missing, fire fighters are continuing to search. "Authorities were checking the registrations of parked cars and had created a master list of residents from various other sources, they said," another article in the Hartford Courant said.
Both articles said that the buildings had working smoke detectors, but no sprinkler system. "Because that wasn't required when it was built in 1976," the Courant article said.
According to the articles, the search continues, and survivors have taken refuge with friends and family or have been given shelter at a nearby school.