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Spanish Fishing Boat Realeased by Pirates

Pirates released the Spanish fishing boat and its crew Saturday after almost a week of captivity. An article on BBC.com said the crew of 26 and the boat was released after the Spanish government allegedly paid a ransom. Deputy Prime Minister Maria Teresa de la Vega did not comment in the article about the payment of a ransom.
"We must put an end to maritime piracy," she said in the article.
According to the article, the tuna fishing boat was over taken by pirates about 250 miles off the coast of Somalia.
"The government was making plans to repatriate the crew of 13 Spaniards and 13 Africans," Ms de la Vega said in the article.
After the six-day standoff, the boat was escorted back to Spain by a frigate.
Piracy in the region is common.
Another article on CNN.com said a French boat was held by pirates earlier this month. "U.S. and NATO warships have been patrolling off the Horn of Africa for several years in an effort to crack down on piracy of long-lawless Somalia, where a U.N.-backed transitional government and Ethiopian troops are now battling Islamist insurgents."