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State Bans Smoking Shows

The curtain may be going down on the various smoking performances that bar owners have created in light of the state's smoking ban last year.
According to a Pioneer Press Article, the Minnesota Department of Health has filed against a Scott County bar on Friday for violating the ban. The bar, Bullseye Saloon in Elko, is one of many that hold "performances" so its patrons can smoke.
"The bars claimed an exception in the 2007 Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act, which allows smoking as part of a theatrical performance, meant customers could smoke as long as they are considered part of the performance," the article said.
Minnesota Health Commissioner Sanne Magnan said the performances violate the statewide ban.
Many people have continued to hold performances after citations however.
"We've given them every opportunity to comply. That's always been our approach," Magnan said in the article. "When that approach isn't working and we see repeated violations, it's our responsibility to continue with enforcement actions."
Bar owners in the article said they will continue to fight the law.
According to an Associated Press article in the Star Tribune, the health department can fine the violating bars up to $10,000.
The Pioneer Press said that the first trial is expected for April 28 in Virginia, Minn.