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Two Students Expelled

Two students, from Apple Valley and Eagan High School, were expelled after buying souvenir swords in the United Kingdom. According to a Pioneer Press article, the students were on a choir trip and a chaperone discovered the items and kept them.
"The students flew home several days early, and the district disciplined the students when they returned," the article said. The discipline to follow was expulsion for the students, one of whom is a senior.
Some are arguing that the punishment went too far, however.
The father of one of the students spoke out at a school board meeting. "The severity of the punishment didn't fit the crime here," Brad Briggs, father of the Eagan student, said in the article. "It wasn't like he was buying an M-16."
The article said that as safety becomes a bigger concern, many schools are enforcing a zero tolerance policy, severely punishing students for violating rules. The students claimed the swords were souvenirs and had no intent to harm.
Whether or not the students had no intent to harm, the district maintains the punishment and the students will not be able to finish the school year with their class.
The chairman of the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan School Board, Mike Roseen, said that the process of punishment is fair. "If someone gets caught up in something where they made a mistake, I'm sorry about that," Roseen said. "There's a policy we're going to go by."

This article did not appear in any other local news sources.