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35W Bridge Ahead of Schedule

Construction on the new 35W bridge is so far ahead of schedule officials say it could open in mid-September.
According to reports in the Pioneer Press and Star Tribune, the early finish would include a $200,000-a-day incentive which totals to about $20 million.
"During a weekly public tour of the construction site Saturday, managers for Flatiron Constructors said the bridge is 65 percent complete and that the hanging of concrete segments over the river could begin as soon as May 14 or 15 -- three months earlier than originally scheduled," said the Star Tribune article.
The article also said that the lack of snow this winter is a reason for the fast work.
The Pioneer Press said that a spokesperson for the Department of Transportation expect snags in the schedule.
"There are a lot of complex things that go into building the bridge." spokesman Kevin Gutknecht, said. "Our priorities on this bridge are to build it safely and to build a quality product."
The bridge was scheduled to be finished on Christmas Eve.