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Min Dies After Suicide Attempt, Police Quarral

A 21-year-old man died Sunday after apparently trying to commit suicide with a controlled substance and a fight with the police officers trying to save him.
A Star Tribune article said police responded to the attempted suicide call at about 2:43 this morning. The partially clothed man began to fight with the officers.
"The officers sprayed a chemical irritant after a short struggle," a news release in the article said. "It had no effect on the man, who proceeded to bite both officers."
Officers used a taser gun to detain the man, but he was unresponsive after being shot.
"He fought but was restrained, at which time he became unresponsive," the release said in the article.
According the the article, the injured officers were treated and released.
"The incident is under investigation," the article said.
The Pioneer press did not run this story.