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Two Shot in St. Paul

Two people were shot Saturday within a block of each other after a Cinco de Mayo celebration in West St. Paul.
According to a Star Tribune article, the 19-year-old man and 14-year-old boy were shot in separate incidents but very close to each other.
"The boy was shot at Mt. Hope Avenue and Baker Street, and the man was hit in the 200 block of Prescott Av. Police said they could not confirm whether the shootings were related," the article said.
According to the article, police took into custody two other teenagers driving a car believed to be in the area during the shootings.
"West St. Paul police stopped a suspicious car on Robert Street about 20 minutes after the shootings and reportedly recovered a gun believed used in the shootings," the article said.
A Pioneer Press article included more reporting of the incident, and said the second victim was 17-years old, not 19.