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Kansas Gov. nominated for health postion

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius accepted President's Obama's offer to head the department of health and human services, reported The New York Times and USA Today.

Sebelius is expected to be a major player in Obama's push for health care reform that will give health care to 40 million uninsured Americans.

As a democratic governor of Kansas, a reliable red state, Sebelius is know for her bipartisanship. She has been a supporter of Obama ever since she endorsed the current president early in his election run.

Even with her reputation as being bipartisan, Sebelius has had difficulty pushing health care issues in Kansas. The New York Times reported that she pushed a universal health care program that never took foot.

Sebelius is also a pro-choice Catholic and this will draw up the volatile issue of abortion during her nomination process.

This is Obama's second choice for the secretary position; his first was Tom Daschle who withdrew after reports surfaced that he refused to pay $128,000 in taxes.

The official announcement is expected on Monday.

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