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Texas School Board Vote Could Challenge Evolution

The Texas School Board of Education is expected this week to vote on new science curriculum that would challenge evolution, and possibly affect schools across the United States.

In the story by The Wall Street Journal, the new curriculum would have teachers tell students about the weaknesses in evolutionary theory. These weaknesses would include that the cells that makeup all organisms are too complicated to be the result of random mutations.

The school board chairman, Don McLeroy supports the new curriculum, and said that there is a problem with evolution. "We need to be honest with the kids," McLeroy said.

Texas is the biggest market for textbooks in the United States, and a curriculum change could spell a change in the evolution material in biology textbooks across the nation.

The school board consist of 15 members including seven social conservatives, a seven group bipartisan opposition, and one swing voter who supports teaching evolution.

The Wall Street Journal said that the vote is supposed to happen after a three-day meeting that starts on Wednesday.

The Wall Street Journal: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123777413372910705.html