9/11 Sketches

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9/11 Sketches

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I can definitely see the Deco influence in these letterforms. I think it's good to keep the imperfections subtle, as someone commented earlier, because people went to great lengths to protect their dignity/image from any blemishes. I like the rougher textures in the letters on the right as I think that can also help in showing these character imperfections. A suggestion I have is maybe to alter the fill quality of the letters over the entire typeface. For example, maybe the B's, C's, and D's are all solid and neatly filled in, while the E's and F's have a bit of this scribbly texture while the G's maybe have the blotchiest fill and then the H's, I's, and J's eventually get better. Then you can repeat that kind of pattern at irregular intervals. Maybe? I dunno, just a thought. Good luck!

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